Why am I having these headaches? Do I have a brain tumor ?

A brain tumor is very rare. More than 98% of the patients we see have migraine or tension type headaches. We also see posttraumatic headache very frequently.

After a full history and examination a CT scan or MRI scan of the brain may put these fears to rest.

I am dizzy and losing balance- am I having a stroke?

The commonest cause of dizziness and loss of balance is an inner ear disturbance. This is something that is very treatable and reversible.

I had a head injury and now can’t concentrate.

Simple blunt head injuries are very common. This can occur after a motor vehicle accident, a fall, or simple bump on the head that we have all had. Post traumatic headache and post traumatic cognitive impairment require careful management which we can offer, and is treatable with a generally excellent prognosis.

These symptoms can be very bothersome, disabling, and disruptive to patient lives. We have the skills and ability to diagnose and guide each patient through this difficult time.

I shake and worry about Parkinson’s Disease.

Only very few patients we see with tremors or shaking end up with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. There are many other causes of tremor. Careful history and examination can often determine this.

What tests do I need and will my doctor explain things to me?

For problems of the central nervous system which includes the brain and spinal cord testing may include MRI brain, MRI spine, electroencephalogram(EEG), or a Neuro psychological testing battery.

Disorders of the peripheral nervous system can be diagnosed with a nerve conduction/EMG study.

In each instance test areas are carefully selected to assist in making an accurate diagnosis to help the patients recover and return to normal.

I need reassurance that I won’t end up in a wheelchair.

Again, careful history and examination with thorough explanation of the findings will in most cases alleviate these fears.

It takes a skilled neurologist with many years of experience to listen carefully to the patients, examine the patient carefully and order appropriate testing to make a diagnosis.

Once a diagnosis has been made we will offer state of the art treatment.

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